Prophetic Schools & Modules

Do you remember the days in the Church when there was little or no mention of the gift of prophecy? Do you remember when prophecy was only available when a prophet came to town? God poured out His Spirit on all flesh so that every son and daughter could prophesy. The Father loves it when His people know His thoughts and recognize His voice so that they can strengthen, encourage and comfort one another and those in the world around them.

Prophetic Company is a community of experienced trainers committed to empowering and equipping believers in the biblical gift of prophecy. Our trainers have designed activation-based modules centered on experiential learning in a safe, interactive and relational environment. Through a variety of modules crafted to advance believers at any point in their spiritual journey, we create an atmosphere where everyone can explore their prophetic gifts and expand their faith to exercise them. 

Most modules can be tailored to meet your group's available time frame. Choose an introductory one-day jump start, a more in-depth experiential week-end, or a three to five day school filled with life-changing experiences in prophecy. Modules can be combined to build a customized event and can also be a powerful addition to your own established school, conference, or church service.

Booking a prophetic training event is easy. Look over the module descriptions below and submit a request for more information at the button provided. You can also email us at


Foundations Module- Part I

Ways to Hear God

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The first foundations module focuses on different ways we receive prophetic information. You will enjoy multiple activation designed to grow confidence in your ability to hear the voice of God. We will explore and expand our prophetic 'tool belt' by accessing prophetic information through seeing, hearing, perceiving and sensing.

Foundations Module- Part II

Ways to Deliver a Prophetic Word


 In this module, you will explore several ways to deliver a prophetic word beyond speaking. We will explore subjects like written words, prophetic acts, prophetic intercession, prophetic evangelism, prophetic giving and much more. Each activation is designed to increase your prophetic content and confidence for strengthening, encouraging, and comforting the world around you.   

Intermediate Module

Exploring Timezones & Words of Knowledge

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The intermediate module explores the concept of receiving prophetic information from past, present and future time zones to deepen your content and expand your impact. You will build your ability to flow in word of knowledge together with prophecy and discover how prophecy can be a life skill that applies to every area of society and daily life.

Advanced Module

Expanding Prophetic Content, Capacity & Consultation

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The advanced module offers activations that deepen prophetic content, expand your capacity to minister individually to large groups of people, and broaden your ability to offer wise prophetic counsel.  Modules can also be built around impartation and interpretation skills that advance the impact of prophetic ministry. 

The Good Fight

Prophetic Processing School

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This module answers the question, "What do I do with all the prophetic words I have received?" Judging and processing prophetic words is an essential part of any healthy prophetic person or community. 

Students are asked to bring prophetic words with them to work through a step-by-step process of extracting heavenly identity, discovering conditional promises that are catalytic to advancing your words, discerning times and seasons, exploring major and minor themes, unlocking your spheres of influence, and much more. Participants leave the seminar with a higher honor and accountability for prophetic words and an ability to mobilize and accelerate prophetic promise in their own lives.

School of Prophetic Trainers

Building Healthy Prophetic Communities


The School of Prophetic Trainers offers those with a heart to equip others practical tools for raising up healthy prophetic communities. We demonstrate hands-on activations for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students along with personal interaction with our trainers and coaches. 

Prophetic Evangelism School

Timezones & Words of Knowledge

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This module combines prophecy, words of knowledge, and healing with an evangelistic grace for transforming your city. Experience training that offers a fresh and relevant look at the partnership between prophecy and evangelism while developing a deeper compassion for the lost. 

Word of Knowledge School

Preparing the Way for God-Encounters

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This module activates the biblical gift of word of knowledge to reveal past and present and future information one could only know by the Spirit of God. Words of knowledge create love encounters that allow people to feel known and seen by God. Expand your ability to confront skepticism and unbelief and open up the way for powerful God-encounters.

Partnering With Heaven

Praying For Your Children

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Parenting brings great reward, but it can also challenge our skills, energy, faith and wisdom. In this module you will receive powerful insights and tools to link up with heavenly resources through prayer, prophecy and declaration to transform the families and children of your community. Discover how to pray the answers rather than the problems and see the lives of children positively shifted.

Supernatural Parenting

How the Prophetic Works in Family

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This module helps parents identify how the prophetic integrates with and advances family. Discover your children's primary spiritual gifts and how to mentor them. Unlock the prophetic roles of mothers and fathers. Explore tools for building healthy supernatural family. 

Prophetic Finder's School

Seeking and Saving All That is Lost

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This specialized module is for groups or individuals who want to use words of knowledge and prophetic insights to find missing things and persons. Learn how to build your finder skills and tap into the Father's heart for all that is lost. Gain insights to help  integrate with local government officials and authorities to find missing persons and help solve crimes.

Interpreting God Encounter's School

Raising Up A Daniel Generation

Encounter Jesus picture.jpg

This module focuses on developing the skills of the ancient Prophet Daniel. Daniel was educated in the literature and learning of his day while being ten times wiser than the mystics and astrologers in spiritual things. The ability to interpret dreams and God-encounters is a key to unlocking treasures of wisdom and reaching our generation for Christ.