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Join us at any of our ACTIVATE prophetic training events below!




The challenges of typical training conferences and schools are retention, capacity, and application. Usually in the first day of a school or conference you have already received more then you can remember or put into practice. Studies show that people retain as little as 5% of what they hear, 15% of what they write down, and up to 85% of what they immediately put in to practice. 


That is why the Prophetic Company trainers focus on the ACTIVATION-model of learning-by-doing. We teach biblical principles and then immediately put those concepts into practice in a fun, safe, and interactive environment. Prophetic Company offers several modules and schools to help equip your prophetic communities through our unique activation-model of training.

Check out one of our ACTIVATE prophetic schools coming to a city near you!

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june 2-3, 2023

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activate the heartland

grimes, ia

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