event options

Event Options

We love equipping local prophetic communities through our unique learn-by-doing team approach to prophetic training. Our goal is to make hosting a Prophetic Company event as easy and effective as possible for the local host. 

Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • No volunteer worries. Worship teams and a large volunteer force are not required. We ask for three volunteers to help with registration and resource tables, a sound technician, and a video person. 

  • No schedule stress. We provide the schedule of trainers and activities for every 30-minute time block of this interactive training experience. 

  • No financial tension. For hosts guaranteeing 100 or more registrations, we handle finances through our online payment portal and cover event expenses like paying our own hotel, airfare, food, and honorariums while giving $5 from each registration back to the church. (Other options are available for a smaller registration base.)

  • No conference burn-out. Studies show that people retain 85% more when they immediately put what they are learning into practice. That’s what activation-based learning is all about. People go home with tools they have already rehearsed and remember. 

The next step for you is to choose your type of interactive event from the attached Event Proposal. Be as precise as possible with your desired dates and length of event. Look over and choose from the financial options for hosting and email us at prophetictrainer@gmail.com.  One of our Prophetic Company will get back with you as soon as possible to confirm or adjust your proposal. 


We look forward to partnering with you in advancing and equipping prophetic communities on the earth.

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