Frequently asked questions

What is Prophetic Company?

Prophetic Company is a biblical concept of a spiritual community dating back at least 3000 years to the times of the prophet Samuel. (See 1 Samuel 10:5-10) We see historically in the Bible that the healthiest prophetic people are those who live and move within a community of believers. Our prophetic company has three distinctive qualities: 1) A prophetic company is a place where everyone can prophesy, 2) A prophetic company judges their prophetic words and acts on them, 3) A prophetic company values diversity in how we receive prophetic information and how we distribute it. The Prophetic Company was founded by Dan McCollam and is based out of The Mission in Vacaville, California. For more on Prophetic Company read Dan’s book, Prophetic Company.

What kind of prophetic training schools do you offer?

Prophetic company offers several modules and schools to help equip your prophetic communities through our unique activation-model of training. Some of our most popular modules are: ACTIVATE Ways to Hear the Voice of God, ACTIVATE Ways to Deliver a Prophetic Word, Prophetic Finders, and our School of Prophetic Trainers. For a comprehensive list of available trainings please check out our module descriptions under the 'About Us' page for more detailed descriptions of what we offer.

How do I invite a Prophetic Company trainer?

Inviting a Prophetic Company trainer is easy. 1) Look over the training modules we offer and choose which one best fits your needs. 2) Find a date and location that works for you and get local approval. 3) Read through our financial options for the best way to fund your event. 4) Send us an email from the contact page and let us know the information you have gathered and whether you are requesting a specific trainer.

What is prophecy?

Prophecy is the most mentioned gift of the Holy Spirit from the list in 1 Corinthians 12:10. Simply put, prophecy is the divine ability to recognize and respond to the voice, thoughts, and heart of God. We believe that every son and daughter can prophesy because scripture tells us that God poured out His Spirit on all flesh and His sons and daughters would prophesy. (See Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:18) Paul, the Apostle, described prophecy as a greater gift and that this was a gift Paul desired every believer to have and pursue. (See 1 Corinthians 14:1 and verse 5) Pursuing the greater gifts according to the biblical command is part of the purpose of Prophetic Company training. If you know God and have invited Jesus Christ into your life then you can prophesy. It's just a matter of learning to recongize His voice. We can help you with that. Consider taking a Prophetic Company E-Course on Recongizing How God Speaks.

What is the activation-model of prophetic training?

The challenges of typical training conferences and schools are retention, capacity, and application. Usually in the first day of a school or conference you have already received more then you can remember or put into practice. Studies show that people retain as little as 5% of what they hear, 15% of what they write down, and up to 85% of what they immediately put in to practice. That is why the Prophetic Company trainers focus on the ACTIVATION-model of learning-by-doing. We teach biblical principles and then immediately put those concepts into practice in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.

How do you judge prophecy?

There are many scriptures about testing and judging prophecy. Most errors with prophecy have been when people fail to judge a prophetic word by healthy guidelines. Here are a few to get you started: 1) Does it agree with Scripture? 2) Is it consistent with the character and nature of God? 3) How does the word make you feel? Does it draw you closer to God? 4) Who gave the word and would they have any personal motive for sharing it? 5) Have you shared the word and what you believe it means with loved ones and leaders around you? For more on judging prophecy read Dan McCollam's book, The Good Fight - Prophetic Processing Manual or take a Prophetic Company E-course.

Why should I process my prophetic words and how do I do that?

Processing a word is the biblical practice of judging a prophecy and then strategizing from what God is saying. (See 1 Timothy 1:18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:20) Prophetic Company offers 2 training modules on prophetic processing as well as personal coaching to help persons, churches, and companies process their prophetic words. For steps on prophetic processing see Dan McCollam's book, The Good Fight - Prophetic Processing Manual or consider taking a Prophetic Company E-Course on this subject.

How do I know I'm not making up these prophetic words?

One of the challenges of the biblical command to stir up the gifts of God (2 Timothy 1:6) is that it can feel like you are just making things up. Remember that scripture tells us that we have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16) When we invited Christ into our lives we were born again and totally made new in our hearts and given access to the thoughts of God. For this reason, his thoughts can feel like your thoughts and your thoughts can seem like they are coming from God. When God started speaking to the boy Samuel, the boy thought it was the voice of his priest and not the voice of God (See 1 Samuel 3:7-10) That is why the Prophetic Company put such a strong emphasis on judging prophecy. Judging what we hear by the word of God, the character and nature of God, it's fruit in people's lives and the counsel of a community of believers around us is all part of growing in maturity and faith. But, no matter how big or how strong your gift is, it will always require faith to step out and share it. (See Romans 12:6) Maturity comes through practice (See Hebrews 5:14). Prophetic Company modules are designed to help you practice biblical ways of receiving and delivering prophetic words. For more on overcoming fear in this area read Dan McCollam's book, The Prophetic Company or consider taking a Prophetic Company E-Course to build your ability to recognize the voice of God.