by Nikki Comolli

family-style prophecy nikki comolli May 16, 2024

Prophetic Company’s family-style prophecy expert shares the transformative impact that valuing prophecy can have in your home.

 Prophetic Company’s core prophetic values reflect our understanding of what God says in Scripture regarding prophecy. As a prophetic trainer, everywhere I’ve shared these simply-stated values, healthy life springs forth. These benefits are not limited to the doors of the church. As a mom, I’ve seen these values impact the culture of my home in remarkable ways, too. 

Let me share some Prophetic Company values as they can apply to the family and home atmosphere.


Accessibility: Everyone can prophesy. (Joel 2) 

In showing my kids that the prophetic is accessible to everyone, they have been encouraged by the truth that God speaks to them as well as to others. They have been awakened to the magnitude of the abundant nature of God. I know He is speaking to them in the familiar places of their lives, and, in our household, we make it a priority to share with each other what He is saying. The dinner table or even a walk in the park becomes a place of connection over all that God is saying and doing. Our intentional practice of sharing how we are recognizing and responding to God’s voice has led to this becoming a habit in our home. Now, we can’t imagine life without access to Father God.



Accountability: Every word must be Judged. (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21)

Of course, as a mom, I don’t want my kids believing just any voice that comes to them. Jesus has given us power to test the words we hear.

This value is a  favorite of my children, and it infuses them with the reality that they are powerful sons and daughters who are able to govern what they receive. I’m excited to say that accountability has also carried over to other areas of life in my household beyond the prophetic. Once, while discussing the impact of media on youth today with a friend, my daughter commented, “We aren’t helpless; we can discern and test every message we hear.” I so appreciate the deep habit my kids have developed of “testing” things by Scripture and by the nature of God. If it fails the test, we can flush it! That is the value of accountability.


 VALUE #3 

Diversity: Everyone receives and gives differently. (1 Peter 4:10)  

In our home, we love the value of diversity because it promotes a culture of celebration instead of competition. We intentionally recognize the unique grace each of us carries and delight in the good work of God in each of us. Comparison and jealousy are culture killers. Instead of engaging in these, we celebrate each other regularly and believe our uniqueness is produced by the abundant life of Jesus within. And like the other values stated, it has seeped into every area of our lives. 

One funny story occurred when I had planned to make chili on a cold November weekend. Now, my husband is an amazing cook, and his chili is truly special. However, this particular weekend, he was swamped with work, so I thought I’d give his recipe a go. When I told my kids the plan, my son said, “Mom, I love you, but you really need to let dad make it.” Right after he said that, my youngest chimed in, “You don’t need to be offended, we all have diverse gifts, and chili making is one of dad’s.” I was thrilled that my children could discern the value of diversity, even at a culinary level! 

 Practicing our Prophetic Company Values has truly impacted the culture of our home, and I’m so grateful. My prayer is that as you practice these values within your family, you will soon see their impact all around you as well. 


Nikki Comolli is a prophet, speaker, and the Prophetic Director at her home church, Convergence, in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. We are pleased to have her as a master trainer with Prophetic Company, too. Nikki is currently innovating and developing a branch of prophetic training called “Family-style Prophecy” where people of all ages learn together to recognize and respond to the voice of God.