Dan McCollam w/Kay Nagel

kay nagel Jan 25, 2024

January is human trafficking awareness month.

   Since January is national human trafficking awareness month, I wanted you to hear from Kay Nagel who leads the Prophetic Finders arm of Prophetic Company. The Finders group is an experimental branch that is purposefully pushing the boundaries of what is possible using God’s supernatural gifts in the natural world of missing people and missing things.  

    I’ll let Kay tell you one of her missing persons experiences and what her team has learned from it.

   This has been an exciting time to be a part of the Prophetic Finders team. We have participated in numerous searches for missing individuals with many children found and brought home to anxious families. It is a very satisfying feeling to use our God-given gifts to serve and see tangible results and extra special when we are able to discover the location of children being held against their will through human trafficking. 

   Human traffickers manipulate, exploit, and endanger some of the most vulnerable members of our society, and abductors are often one step ahead of the law. Prophetic Finders has made great strides since the beginning of our searches for human trafficking victims more than five years ago. Our mission has been to find through prophetic intelligence the location of the missing person or the abductor’s criminal network and hand over solid, actionable data that can be used by law enforcement to successfully do their job. Law enforcement are the boots on the ground while we serve as the eyes in the air. 

    One of these searches took us to the northeast portion of the United States. It began with a prophetic dream experienced by one of our team members in which three young girls pleaded for our help from the car of a kidnapper. Our Finders team had very little to go on from this simple dream, so we began with a broad search involving over fifty people from the Finders group. The information we gathered seemed to make little sense at first glance. There was too much varying intel to create a solid picture until we realized that when we put the information together, it was revealing the route the human traffickers were using to travel across the United States on their way to New York and Massachusetts. New York was an obvious destination, but Massachusetts was a surprise to us.   

   Several team members received prophetic words describing a basketball court. This detail alone could indicate anywhere in the US and was not helpful to anyone in law enforcement. However, another team member received a prophetic insight that instructed to look at where basketball began. We put these two bits of information together and did some research on the history of basketball in Massachusetts. This research led us to a warehouse district. Two months after creating a report on our search results, we handed everything over to the US National Human Trafficking Agency.  

    We rarely receive direct confirmation that what we put together resulted in an arrest or a recovery—this is not something officials are allowed to divulge. We, therefore, keep our eyes on local and national news for reports of favorable outcomes. That same year resulted in numerous reports of arrests in every location highlighted in our prophetic search. 

    We have learned to value our nighttime hours and to ignite and mobilize our prophetic dreams. We filter pieces of intel from a large team of seers to compile a more complete picture. This particular search pushed us to practice activating our ability to stay one or two steps ahead of the traffickers while they are moving victims across the country.  

    I’m thankful for Kay and the team of prophetic finders who are constantly experimenting with what is possible for those filled with God’s Spirit. The mission of Jesus was to seek and save that which is lost. While this reference certainly speaks to sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him, I believe we can also shine His light by partnering with government agencies and rescue organizations to demonstrate God’s love for those in need of physical rescue.  

    At Prophetic Company we believe every spiritual gift is meant to serve. Find your place of service with prophetic gifts at our Prophetic Company Summit on Building Prophetic Communities this March 7-9 at Bethel Church in Austin, Texas. You can also join us live online or by replay. Register here.  


P.S. For more on finding lost things through spiritual intel, check out my book on Amazon, Finding Lost Things, or subscribe to Kay’s monthly Finder’s trainings through the links below.


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