by Michelle Deuz

michelle deuz prophetic company Apr 25, 2024

Have you ever received a prophetic word that caused you to question who you thought you were?

     Or maybe you’ve received a prophetic word that spoke things concerning your identity that didn't feel possible. When I turned 30, I was at a ministry school in Toronto, Canada. During the last week of school, each of us had an opportunity to be prophesied over privately by the prophets who were teaching that week. Listening intently while they spoke into my life (specifically into my identity) left me feeling encouraged, challenged, and uncomfortable. 

     I was uncomfortable because the things spoken didn’t line up with who I thought I was; were they talking about me? Obviously, they were talking about me since I was the only one in the room! I left the session in tears, profoundly touched by the love of the Father yet uncomfortably challenged. Sensing that the prophets were indeed speaking accurately over me, I was faced with reevaluating my perceived identity. It seemed Heaven was declaring something that I had yet to see manifest in my life. Hence, my journey of mindset shifts began. 

     Mindsets are a set of beliefs or attitudes that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. They are formed by what you believe on a subconscious level. Mindsets influence how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. This means they frame how you see yourself, God, and others, but you may not even be aware that you are carrying them as a lens or filter through which you perceive. Your mindsets play a significant role in determining your achievement and success. 

     There are two fundamental mindsets that influence how individuals perceive and approach challenges in life. The first mindset, known as the fixed mindset, is characterized by the belief that one's abilities, talents, and intelligence are innate and cannot be changed or improved upon. Those who possess this mindset may feel discouraged when faced with obstacles and challenges because they believe that success is largely predetermined by their inherent abilities.

     In contrast, the second mindset, known as the growth mindset, is characterized by the belief that one's abilities, talents, and intelligence can be developed and improved over time through persistence and hard work. Those who possess this mindset view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning and are more likely to persevere in the face of adversity. 

     By understanding these two mindsets, we can gain insight into our own beliefs and attitudes toward success and personal growth and make positive changes to achieve our goals. So, what does this have to do with your prophetic words and your identity? 

     When I faced Heaven's declaration of my true, God-given, Jesus-redeemed, divine identity, it did not feel true or even look true in my life at the time. I found myself in a major dilemma. The distance between my current identity (felt reality) and Heaven's declarations felt like the Grand Canyon. How would I cross over? Then Holy Spirit led me to the Bible where I saw scripture after scripture about being a new creation who was seated in heavenly places. I read that I had been made new and that it was no longer I (my old self) who lived but Christ who lives within me. I was inundated with scriptural declarations of who I am in Christ.  I had no problem believing the Father’s declarations in the Bible about what Jesus had done for and in me! It was then that the statement in Genesis 1:26-27 became very personal for me: “Let us make mankind in our image and likeness.” How could I be content to live less than the image God divinely created me to be? Who was I to dim the image of God’s creation through inferior thinking toward myself and, consequently, inferior living? Why would I continue to live small ( in false humility) when He was declaring through the prophetic word His original design for my identity as one of His image bearers? The conviction hit deep and motivated me to tear down every thought that didn’t align with the truth of who God says I am.  

     I began to meditate not only on scripture but also my prophetic words that declared His victory and my identity as a Daughter of the King of Kings. When negative self-talk and accusations from the enemy surfaced, I sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit to understand the root of those accusations. Through this, I was able to exchange them for forgiveness, healing, and truth. However, creating new mindsets and neural pathways is not an easy task, it requires time and effort. It is a warring process of taking back the territory that the enemy had stolen and occupying the land of my inheritance. I have been identified as being like the biblical figure Joshua numerous times, which has helped me stay motivated. Joshua’s directive to "take courage" has been empowering me on a daily basis. I have finally accepted the call and started taking the "promised land" of my true identity.

     If you feel intimidated by prophetic words that declare your true identity and destiny, it's time to take back what the enemy has held in contempt for too long. Your true identity in Christ is a precious gift, and you should not allow inferior thoughts to occupy your mind any longer. Instead, meditate on the word of God and His personal declaration of your true identity as a blood-bought child of God. Believe in who God says you are, and embrace your heavenly identity with confidence and joy.



Michelle Deuz is a master trainer with Prophetic Company. She comes with ten years of experience in walking people and organizations through the processing and mobilization of their prophetic words. Michelle is on the pastoral staff at The Mission Church in Vacaville, California, and teaches the Processing Certified Trainer (PCT) mentoring program with Prophetic Company.