Dan McCollam

Jan 17, 2024


"Where do I, or my prophetic experiences, fit into a local church?"

Have you ever asked yourself, this question? Many of us have grappled with wondering how our unique spiritual encounters align with the theology and conversations of our local communities. It's a journey that resonates with many, including myself.


Finding Myself in a World of Unanswered Questions

As a teenager in a conservative fundamental church, I had several spiritual experiences that didn't quite fit the mold of normal theology or discussions within my community. Even when I transitioned to churches that claimed to be open to spiritual gifts, these topics were rarely, if ever, broached.

I'm not even referring to strange or outlandish occurrences; rather, I'm talking about involuntary impressions I was experiencing about people and future events that consistently proved to be true over time. When I attempted to share these experiences with others, I was often met with strange looks or disinterest. There were even times when well-meaning individuals cautioned me, "Stay away from these dangerous topics because the devil can deceive you, and controversies over these things can divide a congregation." 

I found it astonishing that practices which seemed central to Jesus and His disciples in the Bible were met with fear and avoidance. These experiences left me feeling isolated, misunderstood, and disconnected. It's likely why I'm so passionate about building prophetic communities today; I want to ensure that nobody else has to endure that sense of loneliness and disconnection.

Our Unique Gifts: A Contribution, Not a Divide 

Our spirituality and unique gifting were never intended to isolate or divide us; instead, they were designed to contribute to the health and vitality of the whole of the body of believers. In chapter 12 of Paul's first letter to the Corinthian Church, we find profound teachings on the gifts of the Spirit. The chapter concludes with a critical message about how these gifts serve the Body of Christ. It addresses two common points of disconnection:

  1. ISOLATION - "I'm not needed."

    The First Corinthians 12 passage warns against the foot saying, "I don't belong to the body because I'm not a hand," or the ear saying, "I don't belong because I'm not an eye." The emphasis here is that each believer should avoid comparing or disqualifying themselves based on their unique gifts. Just because your spiritual experiences don’t look like someone else’s doesn’t mean that you don’t belong or have nothing to contribute. In Christ, we all carry something vitally important for the health of the Body. 

  2. DISMISSED - "You're not needed."

    First Corinthians 12 also highlights how body parts should not reject one another, such as the eye telling the hand, "I don't need you!" This reflects the dismissal and disconnection I felt at times; I wasn't always welcomed because I was experiencing spiritual phenomena that others weren't interested in discussing. Remember, a person cannot truly disconnect you from the Body of Christ; your oneness is an eternal reality because of your connection with Him. 

    Every individual within the Body of Christ is essential for its overall health. It's crucial to remember that, in context, Paul was specifically addressing the necessity of varying spiritual gifts. Each of us possesses something in the spirit realm that serves a more extensive purpose. Don't allow yourself to be or feel isolated. Recognize that you were created for both individuality and connection. Each of us carries something that can contribute to and strengthen the local church.

    Finding Your Place at the Prophetic Summit

    This is precisely why our team has organized the Prophetic Summit on Building Prophetic Communities. In this event, we'll explore the concept that there's a place for everyone within the prophetic community. Our team describes these spaces as the five spokes of prophetic community: team members, coaches, mystics, prophets, and presbyters.

    The Prophetic Summit 2024 may be the platform you've been searching for to understand how and where you fit in the Body of Christ. It's an opportunity to uncover your unique role within a vibrant prophetic community.

    Don't Miss Your Chance

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