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Introducing Processing Certified Trainers

If you have a desire to train and teach others how to mobilize their prophetic promises than you may be a Processing Certified Trainer.


This in-depth mentoring program with Dan McCollam, Michelle Deuz and Bethany Hicks will equip you with biblical and practical tools to help process prophetic words so the receiver can partner better with the voice and heart of God.



  • Master biblical and practical methods for processing, analyzing and mobilizing prophetic promises.
  • Grow in confidence to quickly extract identity, destiny, and times and seasons through processing multiple prophetic words.
  • Discuss your journey and goals with other student trainers from around the world.
  • Ask questions and get live and-real-time answers from master trainers.
  • Receive clear instruction for developing personal note sets and teaching guides.
  • Receive bonus books, materials, audio and video recordings for a deeper dive.
  • Receive free, unlimited replays of the LIVE class time.
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Tuition Cost

Become a Processing Certified Trainer

One time payment


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4 Payments of


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Check out just SOME of the benefits you will receive in this program:

  • One years worth of top-level content on prophetic processing.
  • Practice developing confidence on our online platform.
  • Train to communicate across learning styles using our model.
  • The credibility OF being certified with the Prophetic Company.
  • Connection with a community of people running the same way.
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10 Months of ONLINE weekly 1-hour training featuring a years worth of content. $2400
10 Months of ONLINE weekly 1-hour discussions, activations, and practice. $2400
Over 50 ON-DEMAND training videos $500
Spouse Trains FREE $4997
2 Free Tickets to TRAINERS $400
Rights to hold an ACTIVATE: Good Fight training event and use the Prophetic Company Logo* $4900
Listing of your name and event on the Prophetic Company Global website.* $1200
Discounted rates for Prophetic Company books and training materials.* $1000
Total Value: $17,796

In addition to mobilizing prophetic promises in your church, region or city...

Processing Certified Trainers Can:


of $19-$99 per day/per person for their training. Do the math! With just 100 paid participants at $69 each, you could more than pay for your 10 months of training tuition in one weekend!


on Prophetic Company training materials like books and manuals. Certified Trainers can sell these training materials at your own ACTIVATE prophetic equipping event and make an additional $500 or more per gathering. Dano has sold as much as $12,000 of materials in a single weekend!


Of course, some of our trainer's tuition is paid by a sponsorship from their local church or ministry. Sponsorship allows these certified trainers to offer local prophetic equipping free-of-charge and they often choose to pass on the discounts they receive on training materials to their students.

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Begins Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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*Note: All benefits as a Certified Processing Trainer will be given upon completion of training and approval following the certification vetting process.

Processing Certified Training Program

PCT- Year at a Glance

All topics and titles are subject to change. This document is meant as a conceptual overview

Module 1

Prophetic Company Foundations

  • Values
  • Receptors
  • Judging Prophecy
  • Adjusting Mindsets
Module 2

Processing Identity

  • Direct and Implied
  • Types and Metaphors
  • Major and Minor
  • Mobilizing Identity
Module 3

Planning Your Event

  • Pitching and Partnering
  • Volunteers
  • Communication Keys
  • Finances and Follow Up
Module 4

Processing Purpose

  • Identity and Destiny
  • Processing Absolutes
  • Conditions and Commands
  • Metrons and Spheres
Module 5

Processing Times and Seasons

  • Time and Prophecy
  • Searching Time Words
  • Creating Time Table
  • Processing and Timing
Module 6

Building Your Team

  • Table Leaders
  • Table Leader Clinic
  • Evaluating Skills
  • Asking Great Questions
Module 7

 Advanced Prophetic Processing

  • Corporate Identity
  • Cities and Nations
  • Processing Reports
  • Final Exam and Grad Prep

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